We combine quality and comfort. The main objective is to satisfy our clients and to transform them into loyal customers. At the heart of turkpak-tr.com, the simple idea of delivering quality and design at a very reasonable price exists. You have two options; first, you can deal with us, and second, you can buy from wholesalers or stores.


Towels are great fun for your whole family because of their many sizes, colours and designs. We understand the softness of the human body. We keep in view the different level of softness. For your feet, we use a little bit rough cotton, but for your whole body, we use very soft and silky cloth. Thus, we care about your skin. Your hotel guests would love to use our products.

Bed Sheets

Our manufactured bed sheet, pillow covers, and towels offer superior comfort and manufacturing of optimal quality for personal and hotel business. We use different blends, and many threads count from T180 55/45 to 100% pure cotton such as T310. However, according to our clients’ choice and budget, we can provide 60% cotton 40% polyester material; for example, T250 Percale or T200 Percale.

Pillow Cover

Pillow plays an important role for the prevention of many common pains related to our hip, shoulder, neck, and back. During sleep, a pillow keeps the upper body align leading to release pressure and to counterbalance different points of our body. We design our pillow cover keeping in view all these facts. You can stuff the pillow covers with cotton or foam or other suitable material. Our 100% cotton pillow covers are available at a very low price.