We offer a long range of textile products. Our half-sleeved T-shirts, Hoodies, Trousers, Printed embroidery products, Track Suits and others are very popular among young and mature people. People love to wear our colorful, stylish, and trendy products. You have many advantages when you deal with us; for example, we offer a budgetary solution of all of your needs. The following is a short description of all our garments products:

T-Shirt Half Sleeve

In hot climate countries, the fabric of clothes is fundamental. People can buy polyester T-shirt half-sleeve at a low price, but they cannot fight with the heat and humidity. Our T-shirts half-sleeve are made of 95% cotton and 5% Lycra. Lycra is an elastic synthetic fabric. It has fantastic quality to protect the body from heat. Therefore, it has become an integral part of all the garments made of cotton, polyester, and nylon.

Swift Shirt Full Sleeve

The choice of a shirt depends on many things such as its colours and designs. Some people like plain, some like graphic, and some prefer half-sleeve while the other like swift shirt full sleeve. For taller people length of the shirt is essential, plus-size people focus on a bigger fit T-shirt. Most people wear half-sleeve T-shirts, but they should not neglect the advantages of a long-sleeved shirt.

Hoodie Man & Woman

Like T-shirts, half-sleeved hoodies are trendy in the young generation. Hoodies are not half-sleeved but the hood, which covers the head, is an attractive and exciting addition. Many popular rock-stars, actors, and celebrities wear hoodies. Pop singers also love to wear hoodies in their concerts. Young people always follow the style of their favorite singers and actors.

Trouser Man & Woman

Although trousers seem a western dress, yet, people living in central Asia invented pants. In 10th and 13th century BC, in Western China, historians found trousers. People made trousers with wool, and they specifically designed for horseback riding. In Europe, since medieval times, trousers have been trendy. In Japan, Samurais also wore pants, but they were the baggy style.

Polo T-Shirt PK Fabric

Generally, most of the companies use jersey for polo T-shirts. Turkpak-tr.com manufacturer uses PK fabric for making polo T-shirt. Pakistani material absorbs sweat and gives a fresh feeling in a hot and sunny climate. We make our polo T-shirts with 100% cotton. The fabric of T-shirts plays a significant role in its quality and price. Different customers require varying GSM.

Printed Embroidery

We have a highly experienced team of textile designers. They strive to create unique and catchy designs for our customers. For their imagination, the sky is the limit. They use various patterns, colours, and shape to make dresses gorgeous and fabulous. Although many people like only plain dresses, many of the customers ask for dresses with printed embroidery.

Track Suits

Tracksuits have become an essential part of our wardrobe. Every man and woman wants to look fit and good looking. When fitness becomes important, tracksuits are the best choice. However, you can wear tracksuits apart from your workout or exercise. Tracksuits offer many other benefits. The first advantage of a tracksuit is its quality of increasing body temperature.

Shorts Man & Woman

Many people think that shorts are not for them, but they cannot explain why it is so. Some people do not hesitate to wear a pair of trousers. Dresses are to give comfort to our body; we should need to cover our body according to the climate. In win winter, we cover our body entirely to protect it from cold. Similarly, in summer, we need to expose some parts of our body to avoid heat and to feel relaxed.