We do not supply all types of medical supplies. We only deal in medical gowns for doctors and nurses, hospital bedsheets, masks, and PPE gowns. However, our quality and standard is ISO certified. We can supply all of these products in bulk quantity. If you order these items or one item in large quantity, you could save money.

Medical Gowns (Doctors / Nurses)

Medical gowns, after the pandemic COVID-19, have become essentially important for all medical health providers. Medical gowns protect nurses and doctors from any infection. The protection of health service providers is very important. Medical gowns provide different level of protection. We provide all types of protective apparel. Our products are high quality, reliable, and approved. Our surgical gowns made with light fabric and excellent protective material. Similarly, our isolation and thumb loop gowns are very popular.

Hospital Bed Sheets

The bed sheet you select for your hospital plays a pivotal role for the comfort and health of the patient. A patients lies on sheets for hours and even many days; therefore, you should buy the right product, according to the safety and need of the patient. You should also keep in view the working of the hospital staff. The bed sheets must fit and remove easily. If the bed sheet slips from the mattress, it is uncomfortable for the patient.

PPE Gowns

COVID-19 has increased the use of personal protective equipment. According to OSHA guideline, employees of hospitals must wear specialized clothing to protect themselves from infectious materials. PPE gowns provide safety of healthcare professionals against exposure to any infection disease. Turkpak-tr.com has always been concerned regarding the safety of healthcare professionals. Therefore, in our product line, we have added medical gowns, PPE gowns, hospital bed sheets, and masks.

Masks (Disposable 3-ply)

After the increase of COVID-19, wearing a face mask has become essential in every country. However, mask has always been essential but people could not understand its importance. In many countries, wearing a mask is a common practice; for example, in Japan. Mask not only protects us from several infection but also it is a protective shield against dust and pollution. We manufacture 3-play disposable face mask.