We offer four types of leather products including wallet, jackets, pants, and hand gloves. In the open market, these products are very expensive, but we offer them at a very reasonable price. We have special packages for B2B (Business to Business). Thus, you can buy from us and sell our leather products in the market.

Leather Jackets

Although jackets are available in different type of materials such as polyester, linen, cotton, wool, and other synthetic materials, but a leather jacket is always the best choice. People, who do not like leather jackets, must understand their significance for the human body. The most obvious advantage of a leather jacket is its protection.

Leather Pants (Ladies and Gents Both)

Buying a leather pants have become a luxury, but we offer leather pants for both ladies and gents at a reasonable price. An excellent pair of leather pants is a life-long buying because it lasts for several years. Even if you consider it expensive product, you should count the years you wear a pair of leather pants. Most importantly, cleaning of leather pants is very easy.

Hand Gloves

Your personal style of dressing is always different from others. Whatever you wear, it exhibits your personality. However, you do not wear everything just for the sake of personal style and fashion. Sometimes some leather products are essential to wear to protect your body from harm, accident, and weather; for example, leather gloves.


Every man must keep a wallet. Instead of stuffing all your important documents and money in different pockets, keeping them at one place give you several benefits. Sweat, rain, and accident may damage your important documents, but a wallet protects them in any circumstances. You have credit and debit cards, travel and vehicle documents, your ID, and money. You can put them safely in your leather wallet.