Shorts Man & Woman

Many people think that shorts are not for them, but they cannot explain why it is so. Some people do not hesitate to wear a pair of trousers. Dresses are to give comfort to our body; we should need to cover our body according to the climate. In win winter, we cover our body entirely to protect it from cold. Similarly, in summer, we need to expose some parts of our body to avoid heat & to feel relaxed. Even women can wear shorts, & in European countries, it has become a casual dress for women. However, there is an intended function of wearing a short, & you should not forget that you could not wear shorts in any gathering & reception.

For example, you could not wear shorts at a dinner or birthday party. We make shorts both for men and women; we prepare them for specific purposes. At your home, you could wear shorts 24/7. You could wear shorts during any exercise or sports.