Printed Embroidery

We have a highly experienced team of textile designers. They strive to create unique and catchy designs for our customers. For their imagination, the sky is the limit. They use various patterns, colours, and shape to make dresses gorgeous and fabulous. Although many people like only plain dresses, many of the customers ask for dresses with printed embroidery. At, creative people develop ideas. Recently, our team of designers have started to focus on 3D. On every type of fabric, the three-dimensional structure gives a soft and silky look. The traditional embroidery is costly.

On the contrary, the printed embroidery is not costly, and everyone could afford dresses with printed embroidery. Most importantly, bold patterns of flowers, excellent points, and the elegant lines are not different from traditional embroidery. We are in the process of developing textile designing a new approach having both affordability and look.