Polo T-Shirt PK Fabric

Generally, most of the companies use jersey for polo T-shirts. Turkpak-tr.com manufacturer uses PK fabric for making polo T-shirt. Pakistani material absorbs sweat and gives a fresh feeling in a hot and sunny climate. We make our polo T-shirts with 100% cotton. The fabric of T-shirts plays a significant role in its quality and price. Different customers require varying GSM. we settle the treads and count according to the requirements of our valued customers. Some customers ask for combed spun yarn, and we make T-shirts with combed spun yarn if required. T-shirt made of polyester are inexpensive and good-looking yet.

they do not offer the required benefits; instead, they do not absorb sweating and air cannot pass through the fabric of the T-shirt. We never advise our customers to buy 100% polyester T-shirts. It is much better to use a combination of polyester and cotton if customers want to save costs.